Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Maggie's 3rd Birthday- April 20,2010

Maggie turned 3 or "thu-lee" as she says it!

There is a story behind this cake.....it was going to be a Sleeping Beauty
cake (the cake as the dress) but the doll ended up being too big
for the dress with no time to fix the problem! Soooo, Nana
made it look as cute as possible.....and it tasted great which is the most important part!
Nana to the rescue!

Maggie's first Barbie.

Hannah and Maggie.

Make a wish!

More fun gifts. (cousin Cameron watching)

Max, Daddy & Maggie.

Poor Hannah always ends up putting
everything together!

Happy Birthday Mags :)


Darrell and Alissa said...

Thu-lee already?! She is adorable! Happy birthday Maggie!

Rachael said...

So cute. I did a barbie cake for Alexis's 3rd birthday and had to break the legs off the doll so she wouldn't be too tall for her dress! It was a bit morbid but it worked!

ashley broomall said...

wow she's so big and adorable! happy birthday to miss maggie! sure wish we got to see you all more. :) love you!