Monday, February 15, 2010

Maxwell's 1st Birthday!

Here are some pics from Max's 1st birthday party.
February 13, 2010
Aunt Faun, Hannah & Kelly
Daddy, Patty & Rachael

Paula & Rex

The birthday boy!


Patty and Brianna

Chandler and Cameron

Paul, Kelly, Derek & Tonya

Yummy cake!

Pierce, Eli and Gavin

Aunt Faun and Mom

Maggie, Max and Ellie

Yeah! Presents!

Maggie posing in Max's crown; scary!!!


Ok......this one is cute!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Madison's 16th Birthday!

Yesterday, February 6th, was Madison's 16th Birthday!
We had a surprise party for her Friday night
and we took her and Bailey out to the
Venetian to see Phantom of the Opera last night.
I think they had a good time :)

The funniest part of Madison's surprise was that we were hiding in the dark
in the kitchen and familyroom watching for her to come through the front door. She had gone to dinner with her dad in my car. Well, she came in through the garage door and into the dark kitchen where 25 kids told her "shhhhhhh!...she's about to come in!"" when she came up behind them and said hi. What a Maddy thing to do!

Bailey and Madison on their way to Phantom.

Getting some food before the big show.

Got our tickets!

Joe and I did some window shopping while they
enjoyed the show.

Even these goofy girls couldn't get him to crack a smile!

A little dessert afterwards.

.......and some dancing too!
I think Bailey was a great first date ;)
Happy Birthday Madison!!!!!