Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

Snow, in Vegas?!
It happened on Wednesday and we loved it!
Some snobby New Englanders (you know who you are) called it "picnic weather", but to desert dwellers like myself, this was a full-blown snow storm.
The kids pulled out every piece of snow gear we own, which wasn't much.

Chandler and his buddies built this snowman near our house. So they had to use every piece of snow available in the area (notice the bare grass around it!), it's still a real snowman, right?!
Cole and Chandler

Okay, this our backyard the next morning, Thursday:( The same day the school district declared a "Snow Day". Now this is one the snobby New Englanders can laugh at.

Not much of a "Snow Day" huh?
This is Madison and her friend enjoying a day off for, snow???
They don't even have jackets on!

Chandler and his friends decided to play a little football in the sun, I mean snow :)

Oh well, it was a nice day off. All the snow gear had some time in the sun to dry out before being put away. It could be another 30 years before we need to pull it out again!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Season 2008

I spent Thanksgiving this year with my family in Arizona.
I absolutely loved spending time with my niece Callie.
(I think Maggie got a little jealous!)
Callie is an amazing miracle.

This is Maggie and Callie kissing, something Callie loves to do!

These are five of my favorite people decorating the tree.
They are getting so big that it's tough to see the tree.
(We do have a bigger tree in the front room)

Maggie even got to help this year!

We ADORE this little girl!
She makes the holidays even more fun for all of us.
Santa says, "Ho, Ho, Ho!", lights and decorations are "cute",
all treats are "mmmmm!" and she likes to take baby Jesus from his manger
and put him in her mouth. You can get much more holiday spirit than that!
Merry Christmas!