Saturday, June 20, 2009

May/June 2009 Events

Here are pictures of some of the
things we've been doing the past month.

Maggie and Pierce having fun at our family reunion in Arizona.

Nana and Grandpa Dee

Brinley Butler


Callie Butler

Madison, Bailey, Tahna & Gregory

Gregory, Tahna, Bailey & Madison

Daddy & Maggie flying a kite at the reunion.

Arlana, Jolyn & Maxwell

Maggie & Madison making cookies.

Chandler's baseball team took 1st
place for their division this season!

Zach in his cap & gown.

Aunt Faun holding Max during
Zach's graduation ceremony.

The proud Mom with her graduate .
June 11, 2009

Shamma (Joe's mom) playing with Maggie
in the backyard during her visit from Boston.
That's a good grandma to get in that little house!

Uncle Kevin Ganley holding Max.
He joined Joe's mom and her husband Paul
on the Vegas trip.

Madison, Maggie & Uncle Kevin in the background.
We swam at their hotel pool every day!

Shamma and Max, poolside.