Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Zach's Volleyball Pics

Zach just finished his first season of volleyball at Shadow Ridge.
I am going to miss watching him play!
That's my boy, #12.
They finished the season 18-2.
Go Mustangs!


Rachael said...

Those are some crazy shorts! I would loved to have seen some of their games. I love volleyball!

Jenn & Collin said...

Oh the days...I miss volleyball and high school sports! Maybe after im NOT prego...hmm... And Maggie is getting so so so cute! Just growing right up into her own little personality, I love it! And I voted for her on that link you sent :o)

Matt & Ash said...

Those are the coolest volleyball shorts I ever saw! Maggie looks so cute in her easter pictures! I'm glad to see a little something new on your blog! We miss you guys!

The Nasty Naughty Nelsons said...

Thats me to the right of # 7! I remember you taking that picture. I was watching you and saying how those guys are all thinking how hot Zach's mom is!!! Faun

P.S.Might be time to update,Erin!